The Most Shocking Revelations From The Gilligan Interview


IN A three-part documentary labeled by some politicians as ‘sanitising’ notorious drug dealer John Gilligan in much the same way the media have been accused of sanitising Bertie Ahern for rolling him out for his opinion on literally anything, WWN looks back on the most shocking revelations from ‘Confessions of a Crime Boss’.

That’s the title of the John Gilligan doc rather than one focused on Bertie Ahern just to be clear.

The shocking revelations were as follows:

Turns out he’s cunt. Who knew?

No relation to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan.

He was cornered during the relentless interviewing and forced to tell the Irish public whether he was a Lyons or Barrys man. Lyons was his answer, clearly showing this is a man beyond redemption.

“Walk around Dublin? Are ye mad? That city has gone to the dogs since my days of flooding the streets with drugs,” said Gilligan.

For a man who carried out bank raids, dealt drugs and presided over a crime empire he has the charisma of a flat tire reading the phone book. If porridge was a person.

He’s like a Tarantino film if it was directed by a coma patient.

“I’d be an innocent man if I had the connections in the guards the likes of The Monk has,” lamented Gilligan.

Gilligan, living in Spain for some years, then asked for an update on Fair City storylines starting from 2014 to 2023.

“Jaysus, asking me about Veronica Guerin is a bit like having Ian Bailey interviewed in a Sophie Toscan Du Plantier doc,” Gilligan said at one point during the interview.

In perhaps is most explosive statement he said he felt that Beyoncé was overhyped and more attention should be paid to the fact she doesn’t give credit to lesser known black female artists from whom she doesn’t credit on her songs despite the writing they did and from whom she has largely borrowed much of her musical and creative direction in recent years.

“Electric Picnic has gone to the dogs, the line up this year didn’t have any decent bands. Niall Horan on the mainstage give over”.