Competition Time: We’re Giving Away Free Serotonin


THAT’S right, WWN has 10 doses of free serotonin to give to some lucky readers out there. Winners will be administered with enough serotonin to keep their blood serotonin levels at 283 nanograms per milliliter!

Competition winners are free to use it how they like; give your mood, sleep or digestion a boost. Reduce nausea, improve wound healing and bone health, prevent blood clotting or increase sexual desire.

The natural mood booster is great for lifting a cloud of fog from the mind and we’re delighted to partner with our official competition sponsor – the human brain.

Is this ethical or legal? Those sorts of questions aren’t going to help you win so we advise you zip it.

And before the usual curmudgeons complain no, we won’t change the prize for some dopamine instead. We’ve been very clear here and in our T&Cs, we’re giving away serotonin which can boost your happiness, focus and calmness. If you want dopamine, which governs rewards and motivations head on over to TikTok and let that algorithm erode your brain.

To enter just like or share the post or comment underneath with ‘fingers crossed, never win these things’.