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Guide To Publicly Embarrassing Yourself As An Irish Presidential Candidate

WHILE the Irish public is scrambling around desperately to shield the outside world from all evidence that an embarrassing charade of a presidential election is still ongoing, WWN has gathered together a guide to help budding embarrassments in their quest to publicly humiliate themselves. Despite the fact that the Irish public will deny all knowledge… Read more »

Guide To Queuing For A Donut

AS TROUBLING reports continue to emerge from Dublin regarding residents attempting to queue for donuts, WWN has resolved to help guide people in a practice they were clearly unprepared for. Consulting with the preeminent international experts in both queuing and donuts, WWN have been able to create this priceless and clearly much needed guide: 1)… Read more »

Are You Out Of Touch? Take Our Test

GOT A FEELING you’re on top of the big cultural phenomenons of the day? Music, film, literature, art, television, fashion – there isn’t an area of modern pop culture you struggle for knowledge on, is there? Are you very quick to make pronouncements stating you have the solutions to society’s greatest problems. Be it the… Read more »