The Real Reasons Leo Varadkar Is Resigning


AN OUT OF THE blue resignation from Leo Varadkar has taken everyone in Ireland by surprise which speculation rife as to the motivations behind stepping down.

Whatever you do, don’t take his words at face value, there’s no way an unpopular-with-the-public leader would just resign so his party could be given the best chance possible to avoid getting trounced in a general election.

Here are all the real reasons behind his resignation:

He is dedicating the rest of his life to getting to the bottom of this Kate Middleton business.

New James Bond due to be announced imminently, hardly a coincidence?

He has lined up a new job as the manager of the Irish football team.

Lost the Fine Gael leadership in a game of snap to Simon Harris.

He accidentally charged the hotel mini-bar bill in Washington to the government credit card.

Twitter user SonofEire69 has finally worn Varadkar down with a 16,458th xenophobic tweet about how the Fine Gael man is nothing but a foreign globalist WEF NGO communist puppet of fascist George Soros.

He has secured a late entry into Celebrity Big Brother.

Has a crippling addiction which sees him watching Irish Wish on repeat.

He accidentally clicked on one of those spam ads on Twitter that said ‘Leo Varadkar lost all his money’ and gullible to a fault, he believed every word of it.

“He always felt the renaming of Tayto Park was his greatest failure in government, never got over it. Emerald park? A joke” – suggested one Meath chamber of commerce member.

“I heard he’s taking dancing and singing lessons ‘cus he heard Westlife might be looking to tour again” – suggested one Waterford taxi man.

“He did shrooms in America and still hasn’t come down yet, once he does he’ll take back his resignation” – a local Waterford session head has confirmed.

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