Starving Gazans Claim Kate Middleton Pictured In Rafah In Desperate Bid For World’s Attention


NOTICING the endless interest and indefatigable passion the media and general public online greet Kate Middleton sightings, starving Gazans have claimed the British royal was spotted in Rafah next to a UN shelter which was bombed by the Israeli army.

“If people can’t muster up even a passing curiosity in the death and suffering and impending starvation endured by Gazans maybe saying a body double who looks like a melted Kate Middleton wax figure was spotted in Gaza will do it,” shared one aid worker whose job title is redundant because they still can’t actually get aid into Gaza.

While a delegation of American and British doctors who volunteered in Gaza told the Biden administration in Washington the Israeli military is systematically destroying Gaza’s health infrastructure in an effort to drive Palestinians out of their homes, Gazans admit it’s not as interesting a story as a trip to the farmer’s market.

“I know you can’t make the same sort of funny memes out of a people being systemically deprived of adequate food but we thought it was worth adding Kate into a photo to see if you guys could, it’s the only way to get attention these days,” reasoned one Gazan who aside from a passing interest in amateur photography is eclipsed only by his passion for not being eradicated by the IDF.

In the last 24 hours Israeli ambassadors have copied the Kensington Palace PR strategy and simply pretended there is nothing untoward or strange going on in their respective worlds.

“We’re not asking much just that you interrogate the press releases of the IDF claiming they’re abiding by international law a fraction as intensely as you do Kensington Palace communications regarding photoshop use,” said one MSF worker from a hospital subjected to raids and sieges by the IDF.

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