Leader Resigning So Party Can Put In New Unelected Taoiseach A Sign Coalition Running Smoothly


“WHEN you’re looking for signs of a healthy political system and parliament this is definitely top of the pile,” said one voter delighted to learn that the ‘rotating Taoiseach’ system has now turned into the ‘sorry I know this is last minute but co-worker can’t be arsed doing their shift, can you cover it?’ system.

Leo Varadkar resignation today came with the information that Fine Gael and their coalition partners had no intention of calling an election in the wake of the leader of the country vacating the position as ‘that’s not really a big deal’.

“Three Taoisigh in three years and no election during that period of time, you can see why thousands of voters are saying ‘great job, keep it up’,” added another member of the public, who knows voters don’t directly elect who will be Taoiseach at an election but at the same, c’mon.

Political commentators have said only a strong and robust coalition would muddle through in such a shambling fashion.

“A weak coalition that cares more about getting to the 5 year marks than actually delivering for the people wouldn’t let a coalition partner stage a leadership contest for who gets to be the next Taoiseach. No, this is a sign of the Irish people getting the best of its public representatives,” said one expert.

“Grown up and mature voters know this is what good governance is about; losing referendums, enjoying Paddy’s Day and then throwing the cat among pigeons”.

Speculation has already turned to who Varadkar successor could be with the public feeling current favourite ‘Oh Christ, not them’ will be a perfect fit for the job.

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