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Being A Good Friend Is Smiling At Your Friend’s Wedding Even Though You Fucked The Groom

THE ULTIMATE barometer for what constitutes being as good a friend as is humanly possible has been established by the International Committee on Friendship with the experts in friendships declaring ‘smiling along during your friend’s wedding ceremony despite the fact you’ve slept with the groom, who is an absolute snake’. “Looking on as your friend… Read more »

Local Woman Wears Trousers In Relationship & That’s Fine In This Increasingly Progressive & Non-judgemental Society

WATERFORD woman Orna Shortt is widely known amongst her peer group for making the majority of decisions in her relationship with her boyfriend Niall Canney, however, since this is 2017 and we’re edging ever closer to becoming a more progressive, tolerant and equal society this really isn’t worthy of passing comment. Shortt, once referred to… Read more »

Women Urged To Relax, Enjoy Their Second-Class Lives

FOLLOWING protests, demonstrations, anger, strife and general malcontent carried out by successive generations, women around the world are to be sat down and pleaded with to just finally accept their lot, and stop making such a fuss about it. With issues ranging from gender-based pay inequality, bodily autonomy, discrimination and sexual harassment all proving to… Read more »