Nation Of Immigrants Angry At Amount Of Immigrants Portrayed In Coca Cola Advert

DESCENDANTS of American immigrants took to their foreign made phone and computer devices today to slam multinational beverage corporation Coca Cola for the amount of immigrants portrayed in their latest TV advertisement. During last Sunday’s Super Bowl, the ‘horrific’ commercial titled “It’s Beautiful” was aired, in which numerous foreign actors can be seen singing along… Read more »

JobBridge Intern Looks Up The Definition Of Slave Labour

WWN’s JobBridge intern Kevin displayed all the qualities of a great journalist earlier when he sought out the legal definition of ‘slave labour’ during a brief break from bringing out the shine on the conference room floor. In the 21st century a journalist, more than ever, needs to maintain a voracious appetite for detail, facts… Read more »

Nations Arses Finally Unclench Following Pussy Riot Interview

AFTER an agonizing and uncomfortable few days, bumholes nationwide are starting to unclench following the excruciating appearance by Russian punk rock group, Pussy Riot, on RTEs The Saturday Night Show at the weekend. Following what has been called ‘the most cringe-inducing moments on Irish television since Jerry Seinfeld met Pat Kenny’, thousands of people were… Read more »