Waterford Justice League Successfully Save City From Moderately Bad Language


A SELF-appointed ‘Justice League’ which began patrolling Waterford city earlier this year has pulled off its first victory today, after telling off a number of youths hanging around outside Tesco who were said to be cursing quite loudly within earshot of shoppers.

The superpower-less crime-fighting team, consisting of BlaaMan, the Tramore-nator, Crystal Girl and Boi Boy, celebrated the fruits of their success following nearly a year of being ridiculed and laughed at by pretty much everyone in Waterford city.

“From the murky darkness of the trolley bay, BlaaMan pounced on those who sully the name of this particular Tesco,” said BlaaMan, who even with the mask is clearly Ciaran Jennings from up the road.

“Those youths did not know true fear until they were in the presence of BlaaMan, the personification of floury justice itself. I told them to stop cursing in front of people, there’s kids here lads, cop on. That’s when Crystal Girl swooped in behind me”.

“I was there to back BlaaMan up,” said Crystal Girl, who took up crime-fighting after being laid off by Waterford Crystal years ago.

“Boi Boy was parking the car across the way, so he couldn’t join us, and the Tramore-nator was in Tramore in his mam’s house, but he was with us in spirit. Anyways, the young lads agreed to keep it down. Another victory for the Waterford Justice League!”

[UPDATE: the League have been rushed to Waterford General, where they are said to be in critical condition].