Suggestive Statue Of Saint To Be Relocated To Another Parish


AN Australian school that had to cover up a statue of a saint and a child over fears it was suggestive has confirmed the piece will now be relocated to another Catholic school, WWN can confirm.

Blackfriars Priory School in Adelaide took delivery of the artwork only recently, but chiefs at the school said it should be covered up and altered after a loaf of bread the saint is holding was deemed potentially embarrassing for the religion and promptly moved on to another parish some 500 miles away.

“We found that covering up the piece wasn’t good enough, so we had to revert back to Vatican procedures and simply relocate the statue of the saint,” said Blackfriars principal Simon Cobiac, “we believe the suggestive nature of the loaf emanating from the Saint’s groin area and into the child’s face will hopefully be lost on the next school”.

Black curtains now surround the statue of St Martin de Porres, of Spain, ahead of its journey to Melbourne. However, this isn’t the first time the 3 dimensional installation has made the Australian news.

“Yes, this is the fourth time the statue has been relocated,” admitted Cobiac, “but we are confident it will not offend anyone in the next school; as long as they keep covering it up, everything will be fine”.