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‘Kin’ Final Episode Recap

STILL RECOVERING from RTÉ’s gangland drama? Relive all the twists, turns and shocks with WWN. If we omit any of your favourite bits we can only apologise but we missed a good 59 minutes of the final hour thanks to the RTÉ player repeatedly skipping on us. Escaping from prison and smuggled out to America,… Read more »

Fish That Lives In The Deepest Part Of The Ocean And Has Never Seen Light, Also Hates James Corden

A HIDEOUS-LOOKING scaled monstrosity from the depths of the Laurentian Abyss has joined the majority of carbon-based lifeforms on this planet in the opinion that while the majority of TV is largely enjoyable it is ruined by the presence of British actor-turned-onmipresent TV host James Corden. “Tell me, does this being feature in many of… Read more »