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5 Pictures Of Snowflakes That Will Anger Piers Morgan

ITV GOOD MORNING BRITAIN host Piers Morgan regularly hits the headlines with his distaste for reactionary, outrage-addicted millenial snowflakes. And this week is no different as Piers took to Twitter to really sock it too the snowflakes that are ruining everyday life for people not beholden to a world gone PC mad. “Typical. Just typical!”… Read more »

Coping In A World Without The Big Bang Theory

AFTER 11 years and over 250 episodes, The Big Bang Theory, considered by many to be the glue holding this fragile world together is tragically drawing to a close following the announcement that the upcoming twelfth season will be its last. The news threw the world into turmoil, with thousands taking to the streets in angry… Read more »

Public Really Expected More From Loudmouth Racist Bitch

OUTSPOKEN racist and noted Trump-supporting bigot Roseanne Barr really let herself down yesterday with a stream of nonsensical rambling tweets that caused the ABC network to cancel her ratings-powerhouse show, much to the disappointment of everyone who knew her as a kind, soft-spoken soul with nothing but love in her heart for all God’s children…. Read more »