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We Handpicked The Worst Possible Screenshot Of Matthew Perry From The ‘Friends’ Reunion So We Can Publicly Speculate On His Health For Clicks

AFTER hours of debate over what exact frame to use of Matthew Perry from the ‘Friends’ reunion, WWN has carefully chosen the worst possible screenshot we could find in the hopes it will spark some form of speculation about the actor’s current state of wellbeing with our readers. Not happy to leave Perry’s historical substance… Read more »

What To Expect From The Friends Reunion

WITH a new trailer released for the much anticipated Friends Reunion special, WWN has gained exclusive access to what die hard fans will be in store for when the one-off special airs on the 27th of May: There is no escaping James Corden. He is everywhere. Not only is he hosting the Friends reunion special,… Read more »

Is It A New Netflix Show Or One We Made Up?

ALWAYS a rewarding treasure trove of new TV shows and movies, just what has Netflix got in the pipeline now, and are the concepts so harebrained and ridiculous that it’s hard to decipher them from ones WWN Entertainment employed a monkey at a typewriter to come up with? Test yourself: Murder Among Murdering Murderers In… Read more »