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WWN Reviews True Detective Season 2

AS massive fans of the original True Detective, we were a bit disappointed to learn that the second series would feature an all new cast, working on an unrelated case in a new location. Because of this, we didn’t bother watching the second series at all. In fact, we didn’t even watch the trailer when… Read more »

WWN Opinion: Could You Just Fucking Not, Thanks

In the first of a new series, WWN gives a platform to normal everyday people who should be fucking thankful we did. Today, Paul Fennelly asks ‘Could you just fucking not, thanks’: I wasn’t sure how I would tackle this sensitive issue, but here it goes… Honestly, it’s 7.15am on the LUAS into town and… Read more »

“I Sometimes Hug Myself Because No One Else Will” – Denis O’Brien

BUSINESSMAN Denis O’Brien has revealed that he sometimes lies awake at night hugging himself because no one else will. The multi-billionaire opened up in an exclusive interview with WWN earlier this week as his controversial decision in 2012 to buy optician franchise Siteserv only begins to play out in the media he now controls. “I don’t want to talk about… Read more »

Glenda Gilson: ‘My Firelighter Sniffing Addiction Hell’

RECOVERING addict Glenda Gilson talks to WWN about her ongoing battle with sniffing firelighters and how it nearly destroyed her career in television for good. Speaking from her home in South Dublin, the brave 33-year-old opened up about her problem almost immediately upon my arrival, frantically making sure I had no firelighters in my carry… Read more »

Keith Barry’s Weather Forecast

Good day to you all. Keith Barry here on Waterford Whispers News with this Winter’s weather forecast. First off, let me thank all of you who have attended my fantastic live shows this year. Brain Hacker has been a stunning success for me. I believe everyone enjoyed it too and were blown away by my… Read more »

WHISPER LEAKS: Irish Waterboarding

THANKS to the brave work of one of our journalists WWN can bring you an exclusive behind the scenes insight into the workings of the controversial board of Irish Water: I immersed myself in their world, spending months inserting myself into their social circles, attending countless drinks receptions, functions and press gatherings. There was even… Read more »

The Edge Learns New Chord

FOLLOWING U2’s recent album download success with tech giants Apple, lead guitarist David Evans aka ‘The Edge’ has gone from strength to strength, claiming a “new lease of life” in the music game and even learning a new chord. We traveled to the star’s Irish home in Killiney to chat with him more about this… Read more »