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Opinion: Slimmer People Should Pay Less Rent

WITH ‘co-living’ set to become the answer to Ireland’s supply-starved rental market, should everyone pay the same amount for a shared living space if there are certain people, and we’re not talking about Andrew now, but certain people who are way, way bigger than the rest of us? As developers seek permission to build ‘shared space living centers’… Read more »

Housemates Not As Quiet At Riding As They Think

DO you enjoy bringing your partner back to your flat for a quickie, safe in the knowledge that your copulation is quiet enough to go unnoticed by your housemates? Well, it turns out you’re in for a surprise. After a poll among apartment and home dwellers showed that almost all riding done in a shared living environment… Read more »

15% Of Millennials Found To Be Living With Mummified Remains Of Long-Dead Parents

NEW statistics have shown that more young people than ever before are living in their childhood homes while the petrified remains of their long-deceased parents ghoulishly sit in lifelike poses around the house, WWN can confirm. With the 18-35 year demographic, many of whom fall into the ‘millennial’ category have long struggled to find affordable accommodation which… Read more »