Widow With No Children Living At Home Urged To Downsize From 240 Bedroom House


AMID a housing shortage in the UK, one widow has been urged by her local council to consider downsizing as part of a wider effort to free up houses for young families, WWN has learned.

Elizabeth Windsor, one of the worst land horders in all of the UK is understood to be living alone in the 775 room, 240 bedroom building which if sold could go some way to easing the accommodation woes of many Londoners.

A letter seen by WWN addressed to Miss Windsor implores her to vacate her 240 bedroom mansion and consider a nice duplex in a retirement community outside Brighton among other options.

“It is incumbent of the council to point out that no 96-year-old needs that much fucking room. While we understand your claims that your children are like leeches and would be lost without you, selling the property and downsizing could also provide them with a small windfall,” read one of the nicer sections of the letter.

A shortage of affordable homes could see pressure of pensioners to downsize ramp up in the coming months and years

“You have spoken of one particular fuck up of a son who will always need the safe haven of the spare room, but that still leaves another 238 Mrs Windsor,” continued the letter. It is not clear if the council will inform the taxman of the pensioners alleged long history of avoiding tax or use it as a bargaining chip with the woman.

Locals have expressed their support for such downsizing schemes.

“No offense to the old bag, but the house is falling apart and the decor is naff. Would be nice to see young families move in, spruce the place up a bit. I hear she’s full of herself, Martin across the way dropped post into her one day a few years ago said the place is full of painting of herself,” offered one neighbour.