Popes Butler To Be Publicly Burned At The Stake In Saint Peter’s Square

THE VATICAN announced yesterday that the popes ex-butler, Paolo Gabriele, is to be burned at the stake in a live televised event in Saint Peters square next Thursday lunch-time. Mr.  Gabriele  was convicted of stealing the pontiff’s private documents and leaking them to a journalist, and was sentenced to death late last night in a special sitting of the Vatican… Read more »

Fearful Comedian Carr Seeks Asylum In Syrian Embassy

ENGLISH comedian and humorist Jimmy Carr walked into the Syrian embassy in London this morning seeking political asylum, a lawyer for the man said today. The 39-year-old  arrived with several large vehicles full of cash at 8am on Belgrave Square, and asked for asylum under the United Nations Human Rights Declaration. Earlier Mr Carr announced that he ‘made a terrible error… Read more »