Twink’s Dog Stopped At Dublin Airport Boarding Flight With Fake Documents

MISSING Yorkshire Terrier ‘Teddy’ was stopped boarding a flight to England with fake documents this morning after a national 48-hour dog-hunt was launched by owner Adele King, aka Twink. Security at the airport claim the miniature terrier, dressed in a disguise, attempted to pass a passport checkpoint with a fake dog-collar and was immediately arrested… Read more »

RTÉ Admit Ryan Tubridy Action Figures ‘A Mistake’

SENIOR RTÉ staff have exclusively admitted to WWN that their decision to launch a Ryan Tubridy action figure was misguided and ‘a mistake’. Initially retailing at €300 per unit, RTÉ had given the green light to produce over 200,000 Tubridy action figures. “We wrongly thought it would be a big seller ahead of Christmas,” explained… Read more »

Larry Mullen Not Entirely Sure What’s Happening

ROCK giants U2 shocked fans, by unveiling their latest studio album “Songs Of Innocence” at yesterday’s star-studded Apple event in Cupertino, California, where the tech giants were showcasing their latest iPhone products. As a further surprise, the global megastars revealed that the album would be available immediately for free to the 500 million iTunes users… Read more »

Woman Outraged At iCloud Hack Spends Day Looking At Invasive Photos Of Celebrities On The Daily Mail

CORK Woman Deborah Kearns will spend the day browsing the Daily Mail online just days after confessing she was ‘disgusted’ and ‘sickened’ by the ‘scum’ that hacked famous people’s devices to obtain pictures of them. The criminal act is now being pursued by the FBI in America, but the widespread disgust at the incident shows… Read more »

Warning! You’re Going To Feel Old: Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Is 10 Months Old

WWN is taking another trip down nostalgia lane as part of our groundbreaking HerDailyEnterJoement. OMG, can you believe Pharrell’s hit ‘Happy’ was released way, way back in 2013? We can scarcely believe it ourselves, ugh, the big ten months is virtually a lifetime away. Released on the 20th of November 2013, a time when crop… Read more »

Angelina Jolie Wears A Wedding Dress To Her Wedding

INTERNATIONAL media have reacted with awe, shock and surprise at the news that film actress, director and UN ambassador Angelina Jolie decided to wear a wedding dress to her wedding. Print media and web publications alike began trying to pour over the monumental occurrence that was Jolie’s decision to wear a dress on the day… Read more »

Worrying Increase In The Number Of Children Being Left Behind At Electric Picnic

ORGANISERS at Electric Picnic have voiced concerns today over the alarming number of children being left behind at this years festival. Cleaning up crews have so far located 134 toddlers wandering aimlessly around the Stradbally estate, with the youngest believed to be just 3-years-old. “It’s a lot worse than last year,” said contract cleaner Thomas Wade…. Read more »