Cool Waiter To Take Food Order While Sitting Down Beside You

NOT one for conforming to society’s standards, Dublin based waiter Fiachra Brennan has today inadvertently shattered the barriers between professional and customer by bravely sitting down at the table while taking a food order. Captured on CCTV earlier, Brennan can be seen hovering over table 18 in Macey’s Bistro on Capel street shortly after 3pm,… Read more »

5 Ways To Enjoy Week Where All Bills Are Paid & There’s Still A Few Quid In The Account

WITH the vast majority of the working population confirming the existence of a magical three or four day stretch in the middle of each month where the previous paycheque has paid off all bills and essentials, but hasn’t depleted to the crisis-point situation of waiting anxiously to the next paycheque, WWN puts forth a handy… Read more »

Seeing Snow & Not Losing Your Shit, A Guide

WITH reports of snowfall hitting areas of the country today, bringing further reports of grown adults ‘completely losing their shit’, WWN has taken upon itself to provide readers with a guide to remaining calm in the face of white stuff falling from the sky. Relax It’s important to breathe in and out in a normal… Read more »

Local Man Confirms There’s ‘Nothing On Netflix’

INDUSTRY-leading online streaming service Netflix took a hit in popularity this week, after one Waterford man openly lamented about how there’s ‘nothing worth watching’ on it. David Geraghan took to social media last night to confirm that he was ‘bored off his tits’ all day, and that his attempts to turn to Netflix for some… Read more »

McGuinness To Receive Two Separate Obituaries

TWO entirely separate obituaries are to be written for former Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister/terrorist Martin McGuinness, who passed away early this morning at the age of 66. McGuinness’ death, alleged by some hardline Unionists to have been ‘politically motivated’, has sparked fresh debate among sections of the North who still need clarification as to… Read more »

David Rockefeller Fakes His Own Death

THE mainstream media (MSM) have today reported that former Chase Manhattan Chief Executive David Rockefeller has died at the age of 101, but we’re having none of it, WWN can confirm. This latest attempt at distracting the masses has been reported by every major news publication on the planet, most of which, may we add,… Read more »