JK Rowling Confirms Hedwig Self-Identified As A Cat

HARRY POTTER author JK Rowling has yet again revealed a nugget of previously unknown information regarding a character from her wildly popular series of books, long after the series has ended. Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet owl, struggled with the fact he self-identified as a cat, the author explained, despite there being no evidence whatsoever of… Read more »

Local Psycho Actually Likes Shite Weather

AN APPARENT psychopath has declared his fondness for shite and inclement weather, specifically the horrid unremitting bleakness associated with the depths of winter, WWN can reveal. Andy Colgan (33) has been eagerly anticipating the drop in temperature, the reduction in light in the evenings, the increase in the chill and rain since the end of… Read more »

Garda Whistleblower Tribunal Confirms Callinan’s Pension Still Nice & Safe

A REPORT into the treatment of Garda whistleblowers by senior Garda has vindicated whistleblower Garda Maurice McCabe while pointing to a conspiracy by former Commissioner Marton Callinan and Garda press officer Dave Taylor to denigrate and tarnish the officer’s reputation all because McCabe was attempting to expose corruption within the force. The exemplary work and… Read more »

Rebel County Hasn’t Rebelled In Ages

THE COUNTY of Cork is in serious danger of losing its designation as the ‘Rebel County’ after new research suggests it hasn’t rebelled in ages. The Irish Council of County Names and Nicknames (ICCNN) has warned Cork it has until May next year to rebel or it will be stripped of its treasured title. “This… Read more »