Friday Night Ruined After Massive Drugs Haul

THE DRUG TAKING portion of the population of Ireland has entered a period of mourning, following news that a tiny fraction of the drugs consumed of a weekend were being seized by Gardaí in county Meath, WWN can confirm. Friday night sessions across the country have been ruined as a result, with recreational drug users… Read more »

Australia Vote ‘Yes’ Despite The Havoc & Destruction Marriage Equality Has Caused In Ireland

AUSTRALIANS currently celebrating their ‘yes vote’ to marriage equality which paves the way for Malcolm Turnbull’s government to put the decision before parliament and subsequently legislate accordingly, have been sent a harrowing and shocking warning from the people of Ireland. Scenes of joyous celebrations on the streets of the non-western Sydney part of the country… Read more »

WWN Guide To Being ‘Some Man For The Ladies’

FANCY being ‘some man for the ladies’? Do you want people in your hometown to regard you as ‘having an eye for the girls’? Do you want the vast majority of your sexual aggression to be dismissed as ‘ah sure, he always did like the girls’? Then Ireland truly is the place for you. Here’s… Read more »