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Bloomberg Forces America Into Signing NDA, Never Mentioning Failed Election Bid Again

USING the same method he has used to keep former employees from speaking out about his sexual harassment and discrimination, billionaire Michael Bloomberg has locked the American public in a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to eliminate the chance of someone bringing up his pathetic, embarrassing and reputation-damaging run for the presidency. “I’m sorry, we have… Read more »

Biden On Course To Lose To Trump In 2020 Election

RAISING A TRIUMPHANT fist in the air to loud cheers from supporters following his victorious sweep of ‘Super Tuesday’, former vice-president Joe Biden said he was humbled by the Democratic party members’ faith in his ability to “lose comprehensively in a depressingly predictable manner to Donald Trump in the November 2020 Presidential Election”. A roaring… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Joe Biden

THE Former vice-president of America and senator Joe Biden has seen his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination receive a lift after winning the Democratic primary in South Carolina. Here’s everything you need to know about 77-year-old Biden: Earned the nickname ‘The White Obama’ from himself. Has a long and storied career in the senate,… Read more »

Mueller Report Redacted Using Crayon

THE IMPENDING publication, by the US Department of Justice, of a redacted version of the Mueller Report has been welcomed by some Democrats, while others have expressed their concern over what exactly is being presented to the American people. “An advanced copy has been made available to me by the president, but my suspicions of… Read more »