So Cute! This Little Old Man Thinks He’s Going To Be President!


IN lighter news, WWN brings you now to the United States of America, with the adorable story of a 78-year-old grandfather who has brought great cheer to a great number of people by claiming that he’s ‘going to be the next president’!

Bernard ‘Bernie’ Sanders, now in the twilight of his years, has been a popular figure among the small Democrat community in America for a number of years, with everyone loving his crazy crackpot stories about how college should be free, and that healthcare is some sort of ‘right’, not a privilege, which everyone describes as ‘just so Bernie’.

Like anyone else who is under the impression that Donald Trump isn’t going to romp home to a second term in a victory more emphatic than his first one, Mr. Sanders is being given all the help he needs to live out his ‘best life’, while also being eased into the inevitable crushing defeat in November.

“In Bernie’s mind, he thinks that the American public care about the American public” explained one of Mr. Sanders’ carers.

“Whereas you and I both know that all they want is to win, and they’re getting that with President Trump, well, at least that’s what they hear when they turn on the TV every day. So we indulge Mr. Sanders when he goes out and says he’s going to be the next president, it’s a harmless enough thing, and it keeps his mind busy. Who are we to stop that? What harm is he doing to anyone?”

In more serious news, Mr. Sanders has been asked to cease his squabbling with several other members of the Democratic community over who’s “going to be president” next, as it’s all just getting to be beyond a joke at this stage.