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Man Fined For Non-Essential Border Collie Cross

THE FIRST victim of what some are calling unworkable and unenforceable fines for non-essential cross border crossings was fined €100 after being found in possession of what gardaí deemed to be a non-essential border collie cross. “So what, the collie’s herding ability, its intelligence, agility and obedience isn’t enough is it? You had to go… Read more »

Nation Buys Michael O’Leary One-Way Ticket To Fuckoffistan

GROWING increasingly tired of his ‘won’t somebody think of my profits’ pleas, a generous nation has had a whip round for Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary and purchased him one non-refundable one-way ticket to Fuckoffistan, a little known island not far off the coast of the former republic of Youcangoandshite. With international travel the root cause… Read more »

Local Man Who’s Been To 3 House Parties This Week Can’t Believe Flights Are Still Being Let Into Country

LOUDLY guffawing before exclaiming “For. Fuck. Sake!” through gritted teeth, one local man who’s had more house parties than hot meals this week cannot believe the shortsighted idiocy displayed by the government, with news that on average 9,000 people per day entered Ireland from abroad via air travel in July. “Can you believe this shit,… Read more »