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Dublin Airport Goes Missing Over Night

BELEAGUERED DUBLIN airport staff are contending with fresh customer dissatisfaction after completely losing track of the airport itself. “It was here just a second ago,” said one staff member, who promised to find Shane Lowry’s missing golf clubs just as soon as they could locate the airport, which up until last night remained in situ…. Read more »

Dozens Injured In Dublin Airport ‘Bagalanche’

A CATASTROPHIC ‘bagslide’ at Dublin airport has left many people in need of medical attention, while many more remain trapped under thousands of rucksacks, suitcases and carry-alls as emergency services desperately try to free them. Airport authorities had been warned that the 4,200 pieces of lost luggage that were being held at Dublin airport were… Read more »

Dublin Airport Calm This Morning… Too Calm…

CAUTIOUS travellers have reported that Dublin Airport seems to be moving smoothly in recent days, with no signs of the recent catastrophic breakdowns in management that lead to queues, delays and missed flights- but not everyone has let their guard down just yet. “I don’t like it, chief,” whispered one frazzled security staff member to… Read more »

Here’s What The Dublin Airport ‘Holding Area’ For Passengers Could Look Like

THE Dublin Airport Authority has today humbly accepted apologies from passengers for causing the recent chaotic scenes and announced passengers arriving too early for flights will be placed in a ‘holding area’ outside the airport from now on. WWN has obtained leaked plans for the holding area with a number of options other consideration including:… Read more »