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US Proves There’s Nowhere They Can’t Bomb

NASA’s successful mission to crash a spacecraft onto a distant asteroid has been heralded as a complete success, and proof that even deep space isn’t safe from aerial assault by the US government. The ‘DART’ mission, not affiliated with the even more dangerous transport system in Dublin, was launched in November of last year in… Read more »

Space Big As Fuck, Confirm Scientists

THE first images returned by the James Webb telescope have confirmed what many have believed for years; space is big, like really big, filled with stuff that is far, far away. Like really far. “We’re talking really far, no kidding, really, really far,” confirmed one NASA scientist, as the Webb infrared space telescope returned stunning… Read more »

New Study Finds Old Study Was Talking Through Its Arse

A NEW study published today has ruthlessly torn a previous study to shreds for ‘talking through it arse’. The cold academic language came in the wake of a study of germination period for tomato seeds in extreme weather conditions where slugs are present. “Specifically the Limax cinereoniger slug and let me tell you, those fucking… Read more »