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Americans Shocked By President Who Speaks Off The Cuff With No Thought For Repercussions

“HOW FAR we’ve fallen, embarrassed on the world stage,” shared shell-shocked Americans still trying to come to terms with having a president whose casual off the cuff remarks can cause major international ructions, and do irreversible damage to the reputation of America abroad. With news that Joe Biden’s remarks calling for Putin to be removed… Read more »

Putin’s ‘De-Nazification’ Of Ukraine Looking A Bit Nazi

RED-FACED Red Square officials are kicking themselves after their so-called ‘de-nazification’ of Ukraine accidentally spiraled into pre-planned war crimes and further escalation which would not unreasonably invite comparisons to an actual Nazi regime with a love for inhumanity, WWN can confirm. Embarrassed Kremlin officials are now broaching difficult subjects with their leader Vladimir Putin, for… Read more »