Americans Shocked By President Who Speaks Off The Cuff With No Thought For Repercussions


“HOW FAR we’ve fallen, embarrassed on the world stage,” shared shell-shocked Americans still trying to come to terms with having a president whose casual off the cuff remarks can cause major international ructions, and do irreversible damage to the reputation of America abroad.

With news that Joe Biden’s remarks calling for Putin to be removed from power were apparently unprepared and unplanned, Americans are beside themselves having to contemplate the fact the person occupying the highest political office in their country could embarrass them, creating new rifts and potentially endangering them at home and abroad.

“This is international diplomacy for Christ’s sake, you can’t just blurt out whatever comes into your head. To have a president who says something with his mouth and then have his team deny it, deflect from it, claim he didn’t say it – it’s unprecedented,” reasoned one voter, longing for the days of normality enjoyed under previous president, Donald Trump.

“The president can’t go around saying stupid, ignorant and shortsighted things like ‘this murdering dictator is a murdering dictator’, we as Americans just won’t stand for it sorry, and we certainly won’t defend it. Can’t he just be a normal president and develop a weird crush for Putin and become his cheerleader,” explained another voter.

Elsewhere, war-crime committing dictator Vladimir Putin is said to be ‘inconsolable’ after learning of the thoroughly mean words spoken by Biden during an address in Warsaw.

“Some people have no class or decorum, honestly. We hope you’re proud Joe, cheers, Vlad’s bawling here, tears and everything,” Russian government officials said of the unprovoked nastiness aimed at a man who is simply carrying out the most polite and peace-loving special military operation in recorded history.