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Estate Agent Is Back Baby! He’s Back!

IT’S been a long, hard road out of hell for Waterford estate agent Cody Lenehan, but he’s finally in a position where he can kick back and ‘let the houses sell themselves’ once again. “Yeah there’s an offer already in on that property, 20 over asking. No wait, 25 over asking, yeah that’s what I… Read more »

Loser Actually Priced House Accurately & Paid Property Tax

THE 300,000 home owners who still haven’t submitted an updated property valuation for their homes after the initial November 1st deadline last year have labeled local man Tony Dignam ‘a loser teacher’s pet’ for being tax compliant and adhering to the rules, WWN understands. Dignam, who updated the valuation of his home to current market… Read more »

“When I Grow Up I Want To Own A Home” Now More Outlandish Than ‘Astronaut’, ‘Superhero’

SCHOOLCHILDREN are raising the eyebrows of teachers who struggle to contain their laughter as they confess to wanting to become a homeowner when they grow up, WWN can reveal. “Now now Jack, what about something a little more… realistic like being Spiderman, Beyoncé or the first person to land on Mars?” senior infants teacher Maura… Read more »

Rental Property Stinking Up The Entire Street

A RENTAL property in Waterford has come under fire over its dilapidated condition and the general messiness of its inhabitants during an annual meeting of the local resident’s association of Tobin Street, WWN has learned. Number 34 quickly became the bone of contention among neighbours when it was discovered it was to be rented out… Read more »