‘It’s Supply & Demand’: What To Tell People Who Can’t Afford A Home


THE RENTERS of Ireland have published a handy list of phrases which will now be banned from polite conversation in a bid to help some people from being punched in the mouth.

The phrases to avoid are as follows:

“It’s market forces at the end of the day”.

“I know you’re paying €2,400 and won’t be in a position to get a mortgage in the next decade but these things are cyclical”.

“There’ll be a crash along soon, just you wait. No, Jesus, not the type that’ll get you a house but maybe the rent will go down by €100 in Laois”.

“The builders want to build but it’s the price of materials”.

“Well actually the 160k vacant properties wouldn’t actually help solve housing issues at all, it’s much more complex than all that”.

“It’s not investment funds you should be angry at, it’s single mothers on HAP”.

“Ireland is just reverting to the European norm where renting for life is very common, actually loads people prefer it that way in Ireland now”.