Woman Wanted In Connection With Murder Of Dozens Of Houseplants


GARDAÍ are asking for the public’s help after stumbling on a gruesome and violently neglectful scene of a houseplant massacre, WWN understands.

Local media on the scene reported seeing several distraught members of the force dry heaving outside a Waterford City apartment with one garda begging his superior not to force him back into the building.

“What sort of heartless bastard can’t even manage the basic decency of watering plants once of a week and keeping them from direct sunlight?” raged Sergeant John O’Longan, before providing information on the sadist.

“We need the public’s help in locating the whereabouts of one Shona Dartry, she is 28 years old. We advise the public to maintain a safe distance from suspect as she is known to be compulsive liar as evidenced by her Instagram account on which she describes herself as a ‘plant mom’.

“If she treats houseplants like this imagine what she’d do to you if she got her hands on you,” added O’Longan.

Following a tip later in the day an international arrest warrant was issued for Dartry who is believed to on the tail end of a two-week holiday in Portugal with friends.

WWN has seen a chilling text from a friend of Dartry’s in which the friend asks, ‘do you need me to water the plants?’, to which the psychopath responded ‘ah no they’ll be grand’.