Parents Enrol Kids In First Summer Camp That Will Take Them


AS the school holidays continue in full swing across the country, thousands of boy & girls are enjoying summer camps chosen specifically for them based on their hobbies, while thousands more are enduring whatever camp had a vacancy and was a reasonable distance from their home.

“My cousins are on a two-week adventure camp with crossbows and night-vision goggles that their parents had to book a year in advance. Me, I’m on a week of bible studies in the local chapel followed by a week of something called ‘The Quiet Club’. All because my mam and dad apparently forgot that kids get nine weeks of holidays every summer,” sighed one 12-year-old, before being forced to read out a book of the Corinthians to his uninterested group mates.

“Camp? That’d be nice. I’m shipped off to my Nan’s Wi-Fi-less house every morning until 7pm, so I can hear her complain about how she ‘never went off to work and left her kids in someone else’s house’ and watch whatever’s on her 9 channel TV,” added another child, who is allowed out the back where there’s nothing but not out the front where there might actually be a bit of craic playing on the busy road.

Meanwhile, parents will be relieved to hear that although September may seem very far away, at least they have an incredibly stressful and expensive amount of school shopping to pass the time while constantly being bombarded with back-to-school advertising.