Have You Seen John? He’s Not Missing He’s Just Gorgeous


WWN would like to bring your attention to John. Have you seen John? We mean, have you SEEN him?

John was last seen in my erotic dreams last night and has been missing from my life this whole time.

Jesus, that smile! I stumbled upon now him in one of Ciara from college’s Insta stories, flicked through her followers but he’s not there.

Put a picture of him on every lamppost you can find because I need him to know I want him.

“John an honourary member of girls night” the caption said. Christ, he better not be gay. No, think Ciara might know him from home? Maybe he’s one of her freind’s exotic boyfriends? No way he’s from Laois anyway.

Imagine being in his arms? It would feel like home.

Approach with caution though, those who come into contact with John have been known to lose their train of thought and find it difficult not to stare.

Again, any info in connection with John would be greatly appreciate. Does he have a TikTok? Would he be posting workout content? Does he have a forgiving attitude when it comes to stalking?