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“I’m Not Just A Piece Of Meat”

WWN speaks exclusively to the man at the centre of so many WhatsApp group interactions and big mickey based tomfoolery, professional porn actor, Darius Clement. Clement speaks candidly about his newfound status as an internet meme and legend, and how he isn’t a piece of meat to be used as part of people’s funny internet… Read more »

Are Your Parents Safe Online?

KIDS! Do you know what your parents are up to when they go online? A startling new study shows that almost 100% of parents are exposing themselves to fake news, spam articles, endless clickbait holes and arguments with Russian spambots every time they surf the information superhighway… often to disastrous effects. Concerned? You should be…. Read more »

Google Unveils New Auto-Complete Feature For Your Thoughts

GOOGLE has unveiled a helpful tool that will bring an end to the laborious and onerous task typing search terms, general queries and websites into its search engines. The tech giant’s new Auto-Thought feature which was installed earlier today has transformed everyone’s phones, laptops and tablet devices by allowing the transposing of people’s thoughts directly… Read more »

Outrage As Day Passes Without Outrage

THE internet has exploded in anger following 24 full hours of scandal-free peace, with everyone from angry teenage boys to grandmother’s in their 40s taking to their keyboards to vent their frustration at spending a whole day with nothing to vent their frustrations over. As both the source of the majority of the world’s outrage… Read more »

Children Urged To Monitor Their Parent’s Internet Use

IN response to calls from the ISPCC for parents to more closely monitor their children’s activity on the internet, a newly formed awareness group has urged children to monitor their parent’s online time, after it was revealed many parents fall prey to online chain letters and fake messages about viruses and scams they forward without… Read more »