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Family At It Already With The Pumpkins

THE fact that it’s still September has not deterred one Waterford family from kicking off pumpkin carving season, with their modest 3-bedroom home already filling up with intricately carved, slowly decaying squashes and gourds. “What the fuck are they like” sighed a neighbour, watching as the O’Maoinligh clan put another jack-o-lantern out on the front… Read more »

School Badass Went Trick Or Treating Anyway

SEVEN-year old Seamus Callaghan cemented his reputation as a ‘take-no-shit rule-breaker’ today, by regaling his classmates at St. Mary Of The Punctured Trachea NS with reports about how he went Trick Or Treating on Saturday night, restrictions be damned. Unlike the rest of his shibby-shite classmates, Callaghan and his brothers and ‘a load of lads’… Read more »