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A Complete History Of Why Fireworks Are Illegal In Ireland

ALTHOUGH the blasts echoing around the hills and houses of Ireland every night from mid-August to early November would suggest otherwise, the sale, possession and use of fireworks remains illegal in the Emerald Isle, with nobody but a few learned scholars of Halloween history able to explain why. “Ehm… you’re just not allowed have them”… Read more »

Neighbours With Elaborate Halloween Decorations Think They’re American Or Something

AN EMERGENCY meeting of the Beechwood estate residents association has called for immediate action over one family’s insistence in decorating the outside of their house in elaborate and over the top Halloween decorations, like they’re American or something, living in America. The Moores, who reside in no. 35 with the blue garage door and the… Read more »

The Story Of Fanta Claws

SINCE the beginning of time brands have been coming up with clever and creative ways to engage with their customers on an emotional level, some using characters like 7up’s Fido Dido, Nestle’s M&M guys and of course, who could forget Ireland’s infamous Saint Patrick character who helped sell billions of cheap Irish merchandise over the… Read more »