Where Can The Halloween Franchise Go From Here?


AFTER 44 years, 13 movies, 2 reboots and a fairly definitive decline in box office returns, the Halloween franchise finally ended with Halloween Ends this weekend.

Or did it? There’s no reason in today’s age of streaming that the franchise can’t continue for another 4 decades, creating content that passes the time for viewers and generates revenue that fattens the bottom line for distributors.

Here’s where Michael Myers and Laurie Strode can go from here:

1) Reboot

Just do it all again! Yes, this latest trilogy is just finished up, but who cares? Not the audience, who have proven they’ll show up time and time again to watch the same thing over and over again because it reminds them of something they once loved. And in this day and age, that nostalgia is enough for many to pass over their money. So oblige the people! Tell them it’s a multiverse Michael Myers or something. People love that shit.

2) Netflix show

Maybe movies are old news. So instead of a feature film reboot, make a TV adaptation. This way you can claim that it’s a new story, but really you’re just stringing the same tale out over ten hours instead of two. Now your audience can consume your content for 5x the amount of time; imagine what that’ll do to your algorithm! Your investors will be over the moon!

3) Michael Myers match 3 candy beans app

Forget movies, forget TV. Forget long-form storytelling, in fact forget storytelling as a concept. All audiences want these days are mobile games. Have you seen the dwell time on these things? Launch a Candy Crush-style match 3 game with Halloween theming and watch the downloads soar. Match 5 to slaughter a teenager! Free to play with hidden micro-transactions to generate shitloads of revenue. It’s what every movie franchise aspires to!

4) NFTs

Perhaps the future of the Halloween franchise lies in the blockchain? Marketed towards the most hardcore fans only. Buy a Michael Myers NFT, or you’re not a true Halloween fan and therefore the last 40 years of your life are null and void. You spent years calling Halloween: Season Of The Witch a ‘misunderstood masterpiece’ for nothing! John Carpenter thinks you’re a dickhead!

5) Reboot

Oh shit, we said that already, didn’t we? Ah fuck it, reboot it again. Start the wheel spinning again!