Couple Dressed In Couple Costume Expect You To Be Impressed Or Something


SMILING vacantly in your direction and awaiting your overwhelmingly positive reaction, local couple Jamie Hylind and Aoife Dodds think it unfathomable that you would be anything other than highly impressed by their Gomez and Morticia Addams get up.

“I’m just surprised the crowds haven’t started gathering around us to worship us like we were Gods,” a flummoxed Dodds whispered to Hylind as their grand entrance to a busy pub was met with a cursory glance and nothing more.

Whittling down their couple costume option by sifting through the 300,500,000 search results that came up when they entered ‘unique couple costume ideas’, the Cork based pair had been pinning their hopes on the Addams combo blowing everyone’s minds.

“But we’re so… random. Like, look at us. Dress as a pair. Who does that? We’re hilarious” Hylind chimed in, failing to come to terms with the almost lukewarm reception the couple were receiving even among friends.

Unhappy with people not fully realising just how amazing their efforts were compared to friend’s pathetic costumes which were unrelated to others, the couple took to asking “but do you get it?” several times.

“Lame. They didn’t even gender swap, when at least they could claim some bullshit about being an ironic commentary on traditional gender roles or some nonsense,” remarked one pal, who received a much more praise and positivity for his poo emoji costume.