FactCheck: No, A Woman Can’t Get Pregnant If She’s On Top


AS A leading and respected publication trusted to tell the truth to its readers, WWN takes on another FactCheck this time dealing with unhelpful and spurious claims being circulated online by people who should know better.

CLAIM: women can get pregnant during sex when they are ‘on top’.

With the woman on top it is clearly scientifically impossible for the man’s sperm to travel upwards in the direct of the woman uterus [previously referred to as ‘mysterious baby factory’ before being formally discovered by male scientists in 2017].

At that angle the distance to the uterus, believed to be as much as 37km away, is just not possible.

Other disqualifiers which would make baby making during unprotected sex include impossible:

If neither party say ‘I love you’ during the act.

If the man is conducting an extra-marital affair with the woman.

If the woman thinks of another man during the act.

If sex begins in one position and concludes in another. Similarly, if congress begins in one county but concludes in another, say instances of riding on a train in the toilets, it is impossible.

If it meets the criteria of a ‘sympathy shag’ for either party.

If a priest isn’t present to observe and bless the sex having.

VERDICT: False. Sex education in the 21st century in Ireland has come a long but clearly a lot more progress to be made and balderdash to dispel.

NOTE: It is also impossible for a woman to get pregnant if in a position known as ‘balderdash’.