Sinn Féin Urged Not To Ditch Principles Until After They’re In Power


ANYONE who used the phrase ‘they’re not a real political party’ to beat Sinn Féin with had better reconsider their stance, as the party spectacularly voted for a motion to bin one of it’s core principles.

“Usually a party will wait to get voted in before reneging on their beliefs, but SF seem to be a really progressive party insofar as they’re doing it without an election in sight” said one commentator today, following the news that the party had voted in favour of the use of non-jury courts ‘in certain circumstances’.

“And as for anyone who said Mary Lou didn’t have what it takes to be Taoiseach, well, they’ve got very little to say for themselves now. Here’s a leader who identified key elements of her party that were unappealing to voters, and has set about doing whatever it takes to swing them.

“Between this and abstaining from the vote for abortion rights in Northern Ireland, I’d say she’s got all it takes to bring this country the centrist, left-leaning-but-really-right-leaning coalition government it’s been craving for years”.

Meanwhile the news that Sinn Féin will no longer oppose courts such as the Special Criminal Court came as a surprise to many, particularly to many of their most invested supporters in what are being described as ‘politically-adjacent factions of society’.

“What the fuck?” screamed a number of good republicans, upon hearing the news.