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WWN Previews England Vs Denmark

WHILE England have expressed their confusion at being inconvenienced by this evening’s foregone conclusion against Denmark, a mere 4 days before they beat Italy in the final of the Euros, the game will still go ahead. BBC and ITV’s pre-match analysis of the semi-final will consist of ‘can you believe we beat Denmark’ in the… Read more »

The NLDWWNERU (No Longer Daily WWN Euros Round Up)

YET ANOTHER day of a disappointing action in a dreary sleep-inducing Euros. The 8pm kickoff saw France stroll home easy 3-1 winners for everyone that switched over to Love Island around the 70 minute mark. The only thing worse than Lenglet’s defending for the opening Swiss goal was Xhaka’s haircut. Lenglet will regret filling his… Read more »