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‘Cum-Ex’ Tax Fraud Scandal: We See How Many Disgusting Innuendos We Can Fit In One Article

WWN goes deep inside the Cum-Ex tax fraud scandal, which has seen banks, stock traders, and lawyers obtain billions from European treasuries through fraud and speculation involving dividend taxes, and this publication is ready to excitedly squirt as much information on you as possible. With Cum-Ex splashed all over the front pages, WWN has worked… Read more »

Vulture Funds Seen Circling Over Ulster Bank Branches

DESPITE robust laws in place to protect mortgage holders and a pledge for a gradual closing down to take place over several years, Ulster Bank branch security guards have spent the day trying to fend off ravenous packs of vultures, WWN can confirm. With the departing bank’s mortgage book presenting a tempting investment opportunity for… Read more »