Davy Stockbroker Thing Too Complicated For You To Understand, Keep Scrolling


Right, so you have actually clicked this link. Well, this is awkward. You do know this whole Davy stockbroker thing is way above your paygrade, right? I mean, we could try and explain this whole fiasco to you but what good would it be to anyone at this stage? This happened 7 years ago, and well, it is also extremely complicated and best left to us people in the know to sort out without any interruption.

Sure, we could probably give you a quick summary about how 16 unsupervised stockbrokers at Davy basically sold themselves Anglo Irish bonds knowing it was easy money and against all financial laws laid out by the Central Bank. Or how little was done about it until now, and the fact no one will see a court or actual individual penalty over what some have labeled ‘blatant white-collar crime’, but it’s no odds to you. Sure, you don’t even know what a bond is, so move along now and scroll down to a Harry and Meghan article, or something about Electric Picnic going ahead this year.

Seriously, this isn’t you, mate. You’re hardly going to bore someone to death with all this finance mumbo jumbo today, are you? Of a Monday and all? I think the last thing anyone wants to hear today is how Ireland’s biggest stockbroker was fined €4.1m. And, who actually cares the lads responsible resigned without reprieve and will probably take up similar roles somewhere else because, hey, you’ll never remember the names Brian McKiernan, Kyran McLaughlin and Barry Nangle – they’ve the plainest Irish names you can get. In fact, if Daz did white collar crime, these would be the squeakiest clean trio on the washing line.

So, move along there now pet and don’t worry about all of us up here doing the big boy stuff. Good lads.