All The Shocking Revelations From Meghan & Harry’s Interview


THE EXPLOSIVE Oprah interview revealed the royal family were worried about the potential dark skin colour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children, but that’s not the only revelation contained in an interview which sent shockwaves through fans of The Crown:

Harry and Meghan were the only two people unaware Meghan was marrying into a backward, racist and vindictive outdated institution slavishly defended by the tabloid press.

Prince Andrew was actually very nice to Meghan upon meeting her, and offered to take her to Pizza Express in Woking.

At public engagements and small family gatherings the Queen would blame Meghan any time she broke wind.

Upon asking for a Coke during one of her first Royal dinners, Meghan was asked ‘was Pepsi okay?’. Meghan believes this is the moment where the ‘air got colder’ around the palace for her.

Passive aggressive behaviour was constant, with Kate Middleton always spelling Meghan’s name ‘Megan’ in the royal family WhatsApp group ‘Fuckingham Palace’.

Harry confirmed the Palace’s decision to no longer financially support him and his wife had left the couple destitute millionaires.

Prince Philip asked Meghan at least 15 times if she was related to Nelson Mandela. On many occasions, Philip begged Meghan to smother him with a pillow. “Let this end,” he would croak.

Although she put it down to ‘some Royal thing’ at the time, Meghan now believes it was quite odd for the Queen to spend all their meetings together dismantling and cleaning an assortment of shotguns.

Meghan recalled that the Queen would always wake her up at 2pm by drawing the curtains in her room and opening the window in a passive aggressive manner.

MTV Base was always pin locked on the couple’s Sky digi-box.

Although he left active military service many years ago, Harry laughs and admits that sometimes he still like to take his attack helicopter up for a spin and blow up a few Middle Eastern people.

Meghan’s ‘Sassy Lil’ Princess’ mug that she always drank her tea from showed up smashed on the kitchen floor one day. Although she cannot prove it, she has her theory as to how that happened. “Accident my ass,” she stated.

In response to Meghan’s admission that the claustrophobic, prison like existence of being a royal made her suicidal a Palace spokesman confirmed ‘yeah, that was sort of the idea’.