How To Support Women On International Women’s Day


TODAY marks International Women’s Day; a chance to celebrate women, heralded and unheralded alike, while also combating continued inequality in the world. But women can’t do this alone, men can be advocates and allies, and help make a more equal society a reality rather than a pipe dream. Here’s how:

Just… shut up

For one day, that’s all. Just don’t. Let them have it, no one needs your input, honestly, they’ll survive.


You’re thinking ‘but I can write my own little blurb on Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram’. No, just zip it. You’re playing with fire, you’re going to look up ‘famous feminist quotes’ and accidentally share something from Ted Bundy.

What did we tell you?

You idiot, even that rough first draft of a ‘I support women’ is as literate as pig excrement and as feminist as a bishop in charge of a hospital.

Seriously, shut up

Give them the day off from you, it’s the least you can do.

Pink cakes at work reception? PINK. CAKES?

What were you thinking? That’s historic inequalities sorted, bravo. Wow, with those pink cakes it’s almost like HR didn’t cover up that whole Mr Grabby Grabby has taken ‘voluntary early retirement’ debacle last year.

Couldn’t just shut up, could you

Well, there’s always next year.