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Tragedy Exploited By Heartless Bastards In Record Time

THE TRAGIC death of 39 people found in the back of a lorry in Purfleet, England, which has resulted in one Northern Irish man being questioned by police has seen heartless bastards exploit the tragedy in record time. Point scoring politicians with no moral compass, unscrupulous ‘journalists’ pushing divisive arguments masquerading as ‘debates’ and truly… Read more »

Prince Andrew Put On Suicide Watch

THE Royal Family has announced that Prince Andrew has been placed on suicide watch, amid fears that the under-pressure Prince may be about to do something that would bring the peerless name of the family into disrepute. Under direct orders from the Queen, the Royal’s favourite son will be kept on watch until such a… Read more »

Kinahan Cartel To Use Recyclable Drug Packaging From 2020

THE Kinahin cartel has become the latest multi-billion euro consumer goods group to undertake pledges on recycling plastic packaging by vowing to use 100% recyclable wrapping on all drug shipments from 2020, an associate confirmed today. The shift will see Europe’s biggest importer and distributor of illegal narcotics paving the way to become the leading ecological cartel… Read more »