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Judge Criticised After Handing Down Something Called ‘Prison Sentence’ To Violent Offender

THERE has been confusion in legal circles and an appeal for scholars of Irish law history to come forward and help explain one judge’s decision labeled as ‘odd, esoteric and possibly unenforceable’, WWN understands. Judge William Lawrence had handed down something he referred to as a ‘prison sentence’ to a defendant found guilty of trying… Read more »

Disorganised Crime Gang Arrested After Turning Up To Wrong Bank

FOUR MEMBERS of the notorious O’Loughlin disorganised crime gang will appear before the courts today charge with failing to rob a bank, WWN understands. In what police have called the easiest arrests they’ve ever made, John ‘The Dunce’ O’Louhglin and his associates Harry ‘Half Brain’ Henderson, Noel ‘No Clue’ Nolan and Ian ‘The Spoon’ Cornell… Read more »