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Corrupt Gardaí Claim They Were Rehearsing For Community Play Version Of ‘Line Of Duty’

MUNSTER based Gardaí suspended from duty on suspicion of corruption have claimed that they were merely practicing for their local amateur dramatics society’s staging of a play version of popular bent coppers drama ‘Line of Duty’, WWN understands. The perfectly innocent explanations have resulted in the extensive investigations carried out by Special Crime Operations (SCO),… Read more »

Old Bully From School On Facebook Promoting Pyramid Scheme

WWN CAN exclusively report that a large number of former school bullies appear to be either wittingly or unwittingly engaged in pyramid schemes, if they’re recent, desperate social media postings are anything to go by. Early research suggests 95% of people who made your life utter hell in school are actively talking up the benefits… Read more »

Irish Insurance Industry Labeled Terrorist Organisation

IN A SIGN that it has ramped up its evil deeds, Irish consumers and business owners have been left with no other choice but to designate the diabolical Irish insurance industry a terrorist organisation, with several businesses having to take insurers to court in a bid to have insurers honour their commitments in providing some… Read more »

“I Did Warn Him” Man Stabbed For Calling Into Friend After 9pm

WATERFORD District Court has heard that the stabbing of a 34-year-old man in the city centre last year was ‘unpreventable’ after the victim called to the defendant’s home at 9.45pm, without so much as a text or call. Solicitor Eamon Mahoney stated that long-time friend of Dermot Hantigan, James Martin, ‘cold called’ his client by… Read more »

Head Of Insurance Company Likes To Recreate ‘The Sopranos’ Intro On Drive To Work

AMID bad PR news stories for the insurance industry including the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission alleging seven insurance providers “engaged in anti-competitive cooperation over a 21-month period during 2015 and 2016”, WWN reached out to one company CEO to learn about the humans behind the multiple alleged criminal conspiracies dogging the industry. Richard McKelland,… Read more »