Daniel Kinahan Spends Day Double Checking There’s No Extradition Treaty Between UAE & Ireland


FOR NO reason in particular boxing promoter and promoter of nothing else Daniel Kinahan has spent the morning double and triple checking the extradition arrangements between Ireland, the country of his birth where he is respected and has a glittering reputation, and Dubai, in the UAE.

His fingers slipping on the front of his phone due to sweaty palms, presumably due to the heat Dubai is famed for, Kinahan is believed to have also sought out a complete list of countries which do not have an extradition treaty with Ireland just out of curiosity.

“No different from the rest of us, he’s a curious mind. Don’t act like you’re not obsessed with the detail in the Extradition Act 1965” explained someone with inside knowledge of the MTK Global affiliated Dubliner, who is not affiliated with any other grouping or gang.

“He’s forever looking up things that you do be wondering like ‘longest river in the world’, ‘how many spikes does a hedgehog have’, ‘how many people have played Batman’, ‘what’s the name of the Irish drug gang widely known to be one of the largest in the world’, that sort of thing,” added the insider.

The search of ‘I know you can be extradited from Spain, I’ve seen the news, but can you be extradited from Dubai?’ has officially replaced the most frequently searched Google query ‘has Daniel Kinahan been named as the head of one of Europe’s most brutal drug gangs in the Irish High Court again?’ on the phones of legal professionals representing Kinahan.

Elsewhere, Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch has confirmed he intends to maintain his religious vow of silence under questioning after his arrest in Spain.