“They’d Rather Be On The PUP Than Work”: Kinahan Cartel Struggling To Find Staff


ANOTHER business struggling to rehire staff as the economy slowly but surely reopens has spoken of their issues with the ongoing Pandemic Unemployment Payments many people are in receipt of.

“Some people want something for nothing, and that PUP is too bleeding generous by half,” explained head of HR at the Kinahan Cartel Declan Connity.

“The PUP sends the wrong message, young people need to develop a work ethic. But when you see the amount they can earn on the PUP, it’s easy to see why they’re tempted – it’s like an all expense paid holiday,” added Connity.

Irked by what he feels is a lack of decisive support from the government in weaning people off a payment ‘that is like a free spin of the Winning Streak wheel when compared to the mickey money payment’, Connity stated it is a bad sign when a large multi-national like ourselves can’t recruit.

“Jokes of sectors like law, accountancy, building, hospitality not getting staff I can understand, but think of the opportunities we offer employees? It’s only deaf ears from the government when we raise the alarm,” Connity told a recent meeting of IDEC, the Irish Drugs Employers Confederation.

The Cartel have admitted that their recruitment drive has also been hampered by losing existing staff to the prison and funeral industries.

“I hate to say it, but it has to be said,; we’ve offered young Irish lads jobs and they turn their nose up at them. But foreigners? Workhorses! They’d almost do it for free they’re that grateful for a shift, and in some cases we force them too which is great for our profit margins, what little we have these days,” continued a downbeat Connity.