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It’s The CYMRUWWN (Daily WWN Euro Championships Round Up)

TODAY’S round up of yesterday’s Euros action is still coming to terms with the fact England won. After battering the opposition goal for the majority of 90 minutes, dominating possession, stretching their opponents to breaking point as they cynically parked the bus, an offensive Wales were robbed by a negative and inferior English team. Joe… Read more »

The Heartwarming Moment Kind Hearted English Fans Donate Money To Refugee Children

  ENGLISH fans were applauded by the football community today after a heartwarming video appeared online, gracefully showing kindhearted men in England football jersey’s handing out hoards of cash to refugee children. Proving once again that English football supporters are the best in the world, one man can be seen approaching one of the children in… Read more »

It’s The DWWNECRU (Daily WWN Euro Championships Round Up)

WELCOME to WWN’s latest update on all the happenings at this year’s European Championships Romania and Switzerland played out the tournament’s most boring game thus far, with pundits criticising the Swiss government’s decision to enforce their neutral military status on their football team. “We do not play to win, we do not play to draw…. Read more »

Ireland v Sweden Preview

WITH kick-off to Ireland’s opening Euro 2016 game just hours away, WWN previews this vital clash and leaves no Swedish shaped stone unturned. Sweden fact: the Swedish national team’s nickname is ‘The Blue-Yellow’ which ranks as the single worst nickname for any team in the history of organised sport. Key battles: the Swedes are an… Read more »

England Fans Wasting No Time This Year

ANTICIPATING a first-round exit from the Euro 2016 competition, England fans have taken it upon themselves to get into as many riots and scraps as they can while their campaign for glory lasts. Tear gas was used by riot police in Marseille yesterday as England fans kicked off with French authorities before a ball had even… Read more »