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Prince Harry Asks Queen If Girlfriend Can Have Free Money Too

PRINCE Harry has reportedly asked the Queen if his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, can have some free money too, sources inside Buckingham Palace confirmed earlier today. Ever since news came to light that Prince Harry was dating the Suits actress, British taxpayers have been wondering when the next expense will kick in, with some speculating a Royal wedding date… Read more »

“I Will Rid The West Of This Dangerous, Tyrannical Leader” Heroic Kim Jong Un Determined To Help US People

DOWNTRODDEN, desperate and in need of serious intervention, the people of the United States of America continue to decry the rule of President Donald Trump while his administration and Republican party, through its effective propaganda machine, spread a message of a stable and prosperous country. However, a change for the better could be just around… Read more »

“I Actually Fucking Hate Triers,” Admits God

“I DON’T know where people got the notion that I’m a fan of failure,” mused a perplexed God, in yet another sit-down interview with his favourite Waterford-based online publication. “Did I commend Noah for ‘having a go’ at the Ark? Did I say ‘hey, Moses, do your best at taking them Israelites out of Egypt… Read more »

Lazar Matveyev Named New FBI Chief

FORMER KGB boss Lazar Matveyev has been named as the FBI’s new chief today following the dramatic firing of director James Comey by President Donald Trump yesterday afternoon. Matveyev, who just turned 90 years old this week, is expected to take over from Comey immediately, landing in Washington DC airport this morning ahead of his… Read more »

New Feature That Identifies Fake UK Election News Suspends The Conservatives Facebook Page

FACEBOOK has unveiled a new feature which aims to reduce and eradicate user accounts which are guilty of spreading fake news relating to the upcoming UK election, with The Conservative Party’s official Facebook page immediately suspended. Spreading false information about the need for a snap election, and barely believable posts about a ‘strong and stable… Read more »