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Vladimir Putin Pictured With One Orange Palm


A LEAKED shot of Vladimir Putin has sent the internet into a flurry this morning, as the Russian president appears to have some sort of orange substance smeared on the palm of his right hand. Putin was appearing at a state function in Moscow when the shot was taken, just as the 64-year-old was reaching… Read more »

WWN Travel: North Korea


WWN travelled to the decreasingly popular destination of North Korea, and we’re happy to report it’s a trip everyone should make at least once in their lives, as our travel correspondent Niall Tripp reports. Greeted by a number of armed tour guides upon crossing over the demilitarised zone, I was shown unbelievable kindness and dedication…. Read more »

Support For Trump Surges After Madonna Threatens Blowjobs


LATEST election polls today have indicated a massive surge in support for Donald Trump following a series of vile threats made by singer songwriter Madonna on Tuesday night. The majority of polls revealed the Republican candidate shot up a staggering 67% shortly after the 58-year-old publicly told the world that she would perform oral sex on anyone… Read more »

Flamingos Absolutely Full Of Themselves, Finds Study


A NEWLY published study has confirmed what many animals have suspected for years; Earth’s flamingo population is absolutely full of itself. The study, which involved intensive interviewing and studying of the flamingo population found that large flocks of the bird felt they were inherently better than all other creatures on the planet and thus aggressively… Read more »

Iraq ‘Liberated’ For 49th Time In Last 13 Years


AS a concerted effort by Iraqi forces, supported by a US-led coalition, attempt to drive ISIS from Mosul, Iraq can now consider itself fully liberated for the 49th time since 2003. The terror group ISIS, responsible for heinous and unspeakable acts of barbarism, had considered Mosul its stronghold within Iraq, but now looks set to… Read more »

Ra Up 5 Points On FTSE


EARLY morning trading on the London stock exchange has led to a surge in the price of shares in the Irish Republican Army, with the paramilitary group rising 5 points in a 20-year high. Although the FTSE showed a fall in value for pretty much anything associated with Britain and Northern Ireland in recent times,… Read more »