Man Who Had ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ Profile Picture Last Year Now Supportive Of Iranian Regime


A MAN WHO recently carried the rallying cry for women’s rights in Iran as his profile picture across social media, in support of the fight against the horrific realities of the oppressive and misogynistic rule fronted by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, has now turned his attention to unquestioning support of the same regime.

“Yeah I had ‘woman, life, freedom’ up there on the profiler because it’s true, I support women against mental religious oppression,” said local man Neil Riley, “but it’s not intellectually bankrupt in anyway to staunchly defend the same mental religious types in launching drone attacks at the religious mental types in government in a country they like the least”.

“Look it, that was 47 cause-supporting profile picture ago. Anyway the enemy of my friend who is an enemy of another friend’s enemy is my enemy, and so I support them uncritically because they’re against Israel,” added Riley, who denied his original ‘woman, life, freedom’ profile picture was part of a bid to impress a young one he fancied.

Riley, responding to further criticism from friends on social media, pointed out that ‘I’m the type of person who will argue with you in the comment sections for 3 three consecutive days and drain you of your life force so just maybe let me have this one’.

Elsewhere, others have defended Israel’s initial killing of an Iranian general in a consulate bombing in Syria, as retaliation for Iran’s support of Hamas and Hezbollah, which Iran offered as retaliation for the killing of Colonel Sayad Khodayee in Tehran which in turn can be traced back to tit-for-tat retaliations that have their beginnings in 901 BC when a Jewish and Persian man got into an argument over the last remaining orange at a market stall.