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Does Lisa Smith Pose Enough Risk To Ireland For Government To Up Defence Forces Pay?

IT’S ONE of the most talked Irish security issues of the past decade, supplanting the very real threats of gangland gun violence and militant Republicans, but does Lisa Smith, the Dundalk women who joined ISIS pose such a severe risk to Ireland’s national security that the government are considering the unthinkable; paying the defence forces… Read more »

Local Man No Time For Immigrants Unless They’re Irish

A DISTURBING INCIDENT saw one local Waterford man discover he possesses the sort of disgusting compassion and empathy for immigrants that normally turns his stomach, however, luckily for him this only extends to Irish illegal immigrants getting turfed out of other countries. “Ah he was probably only having mighty crack on his J1 and decided to… Read more »

Moon To Pull Handbrake Turn Tonight

ASTRONOMY Ireland has confirmed it is setting up dozens of telecopes at its headquarters in Blanchardstown to watch the moon make its first handbrake turn over Irish skies tonight, WWN can confirm. Tonight’s 180 is expected to wow stargazers at about 10.30pm and will last 34 minutes as Earth’s only satellite skids across the summer evening sky. “Expect… Read more »

WWN Guide To Being Silenced By The Media

TIRED of nobody listening to your righteous fury on your podcast, newsletter, YouTube channel or soapbox? Need to bump up your audience figures so that you can really get your message out there and make some money from it? Then you need to get silenced by the media, and quick! Here’s a few pointers: 1)… Read more »