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Maternity Hospital Will Respect Rights Of The Mother ‘If She’s Married’, Confirms Spokesnun

THE Sisters of Charity have confirmed that the new €300 million national maternity hospital will always respect the rights of the mother and the baby, “as long as she’s married”, a spokesnun told WWN today. Sister Gertrude Dingleberry, a member of one of 18 religious orders that were included in the €1.5 billion redress scheme with the State… Read more »

Public Sector Unions Would Also Like A Pony

PAY restorations totalling €1.4 billion are just some of the outlandish demands coming from a union representing civil servants after nearly 10 years of cuts and pay freezes according to the government, with other requests including a pony, 30 more holidays during the year, free Netflix, and Andrex toilet roll in the jacks. The requests… Read more »

Railing Declared Perfect Place To Hang Bag Of Dog Shite

A NEW report has shed fresh light on the proper etiquette to follow when disposing of freshly scooped dog poop, clarifying that putting it in a little plastic bag and then hanging it off the nearest available railing is perfectly acceptable. Although poop-scooping has become more and more common among dog-walkers who recognise the need… Read more »