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Australian Archbishop Who Covered Up Child Sex Abuse Sentenced To 44 Our Fathers, 12 Hail Marys

A FORMER Australian archbishop has been handed down a staggering 24 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Marys after being convicted of covering up child sex abuse, but managed to escape several decades of the rosary due to his age. A Newcastle Magistrate ordered Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson to be detained at his sister’s house for at least six months,… Read more »

Submit Your Questions To The Pope

WE HAVE an amazing opportunity for our readers as WWN and WWN alone will be able to personally hand over your questions to Pope Francis when he visits Ireland later this month. What do you want to know? What question of great importance can the leader of the Catholic Church answer for you, a humble… Read more »

‘Grossly Unfair’ For British Soldiers Who Murdered People, To Face Charges For Murder

SENIOR BRITISH military officials past and present have come forward once again to confirm that it would be just terribly unfair altogether if any British soldiers, who murdered 14 innocent civilians in the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre, were to be held to account and face charges ranging from ‘murder’ all the way up to ‘murder’…. Read more »

Waterford Whispers News Live Show

Waterford Whispers News is dedicated to bringing you, the public, all the essential news and having discovered injecting the news directly into your veins is illegal (thanks health and safety laws) we will instead deliver it to your eyes and ears in a live setting. Get news’d in the face at the following venues with… Read more »

Independent Alliance Calls For More Mayonnaise Sachets In Restaurant Condiment Sets

MEMBERS of the Independent Alliance are calling on restaurants and cafes up and down the country to maintain an equal and balanced level of mayonnaise sachets in their condiment sets to match mustard, brown sauce and ketchup, the group insisted. Speaking with their mouths earlier today, Shane Ross, John Halligan, Seán Canney, Michael Fitzmaurice and some other male TDs this… Read more »

Government Tick ‘Completely Fuck Over CervicalCheck Victims’ Off Their To Do List

THE GOVERNMENT has capped the expenses package promised to victims of the CervicalCheck scandal, with victims only allowed claim on expenses incurred after the 11th May 2018. Ticking off ‘completely fuck over CervicalCheck victims’ their list, the government freed up time to either pretend homeless figures are going down or distract the public by getting… Read more »