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Bar Has Just 58 Christmas Themed Gin Cocktails

ONE DUBLIN bar is facing sanctions and possible closure as it stood accused of not fully embracing the Christmas spirit after its specialised festive cocktail menu only included 58 Christmas themed gin cocktails. The creation of 58 dash-of-gin-plus-a-Schweppes-tonic based cocktails was a huge undertaking for staff and involved hiring the only crack team of pun… Read more »

The Story Of Fanta Claws

SINCE the beginning of time brands have been coming up with clever and creative ways to engage with their customers on an emotional level, some using characters like 7up’s Fido Dido, Nestle’s M&M guys and of course, who could forget Ireland’s infamous Saint Patrick character who helped sell billions of cheap Irish merchandise over the… Read more »

Fanta Creates First Fizzy Drink Made Entirely From Dark Matter

CERN scientists in conjunction with Fanta’s innovation department have announced a breakthrough in quantum science which could revolutionise the world as we know it, WWN has learned. Experimenting with the large Hadron Collider for the past 12 months, the fizzy drink manufacturer reportedly spent over $2bn on particle accelerator tests in the hopes of finding dark matter and to… Read more »

5 Things We Want Ralph To Wreck Next

WRECK-IT Ralph returns to our screens shortly, this time inadvertently ‘breaking the internet’ in a hilarious sequel to the beloved first movie. But why stop there? What’s in store for Ralph in the future? With the internet smashed, here’s five more things we’d like Ralph to turn his smash-happy hands to… 1) Donuts We like… Read more »